Mind One Digital Ltd is a personal development company based in the UK with brands deployed across several self-help niches and include Thought Inspire®, Laws Of Mind®, BrainTune® and many others. Our partner base is located throughout the world, including the USA, Singapore and Australia. The global nature of our reach allows us to connect with millions of personal development fans from every country and walk of life.

Our assets include properties across social media, the blogosphere and over 15 different personal development newsletter bases. Our tracking algorithms gives us a key edge in the marketplace, allowing us to tweak and improve our key performance indicators quickly, resulting in rapid growth since inception.

Our current plans include:

a) the scaling and tweaking of our infrastructure and proprietary platform
b) developing further integration with our strategic partners and connecting with new ones
c) monitoring customer feedback and continually improving our products and services
d) maintaining marketplace awareness and continuing to expand our knowledge

Mailing and correspondence address:

Mind One Digital Ltd
International House, 124 Cromwell Road
London, SW7 4ET

United Kingdom

Contact us via e-mail at:


We will be pleased to address any queries you may have.

Company registration details:

Mind One Digital Limited
Registered in Scotland, Company Number SC401083
Registered Address: 4th Floor, 115 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN, United Kingdom


Our Mission Statement: To be a global leader in the self improvement field, and to bring innovative self help teachings and technologies to individuals and companies throughout the world.


Our values are the cornerstone of our work and have allowed us to be at the forefont of our industry. Our main values are:


We will conduct all affairs in an honest and professional way. We are a British organisation that will always hold the highest standards of integrity.

We will be excellent in all areas, continually incorporating the latest findings, developments and teachings in the self development world.

We will continually expand our open mindedness and challenge our existing views of the world to see the possibilities which exist.

We will serve our customers first and foremost. We will be at your side and assist you whenever possible so that our duties to you are fulfilled to the best of our ability.

Mind One Digital Ltd is a responsible organisation that knows its duty to the community. Our policy is to assist the community whenever we can so that the environment which we live in is pleasant and just for all.


Mind One Digital Ltd helps communities to improve their lives through our programs and research.


We invest in ongoing research and development to improve on the existing technologies we use. Continually improving the quality of our products and services allows us to utilise the most cutting edge research and tools as they happen.